April 3, 2023


Congrats to Qarshi University DEM final year student Wajeeh-ul-Hassan for delivering a lecture on “Holistic approach towards Peptic Ulcer” at the Pakistan Tibbi Conference seminar. Well done! #QU
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Exciting news! Our research on the potential of Saccharothrix algeriensis as biocontrol agents has been published in the HEC W category Peer J Journal! 🎉📚🔬 #biocontrolagents #research #science #publication #HECW #PeerJJournal #saccharothrixalgeriensis #Fusariumoxysporum
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Congratulations Dr. Shoaib Irshad (Chairperson, Dept. of Management Sciences, QU) on presenting a paper at the 2nd International Conference on Business Administration held at IBA PU, Lahore. QU focuses on fostering the research environment and appreciates the scholarly activities of its faculty. #QU
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