Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

BS Biochemistry
Knowledge of chemistry is one of the best attributes of humankind



Biochemistry combines biology and chemistry to study living matter. It powers scientific and medical discovery in fields such as pharmaceuticals, forensics and nutrition. With biochemistry, we will study chemical reactions at a molecular level to better understand the world and develop new ways to harness these.

The study of Biochemistry has become more important and more sophisticated with applications in genetic engineering and molecular bioengineering as well as in the physiological and medical sectors. The topics derived from biochemistry are molecular biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering with a vast range of other biology-related disciplines. Biochemistry is the core subject in bioinformatics that links the biological sciences to computer technology. The study of Biochemistry allows students to gain knowledge in analyzing, practicing, and evaluating the knowledge and laboratory skills of a range of biochemistry topics.


Scope of the Program

  • Producing competent Biochemists to effectively deliver real products and services for the benefit to the society.
  • The students graduating from the Biochemistry program will better understand the key principles of biochemical functioning in various fields.
  • There is a huge scope and demand of Biochemists in Pakistan.
  • A biochemistry degree opens up a range of careers in both industry and research in areas such as health, food and agriculture, and the environment.


Career Opportunities

Jobs for a biochemist directly related to the following fields:

  • Academic researcher
  • Analytical chemist
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Clinical research associate
  • Clinical scientist, biochemistry
  • Forensic scientist
  • Medicinal chemist
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Physician associate
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Scientific laboratory technician


Admission Requirement

Entry requirements for BS Microbiology:

  • Intermediate or equivalent (Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering).
  • Minimum 50% marks.
  • Completion of admission application and supporting documents.
  • Admission test and / or Interview may be required.


CodeCourse TitleCrHrsPre-Req
Semester 1
HSS101Functional English3-0-0
MTH208Quantitative Reasoning-I3-0-0
HSS103Islamic Studies/Ethics2-0-0
CCL100Applications of Information & Communication Technologies0-1-3
PSY101Interdisciplinary (Intr. to Psychology)3-0-0
BBT101Introduction to Biotechnology3-0-0
Total Cr. Hrs.15
Semester 2
HSS102Expository Writing3-0-0 HSS101
CCS207Quantitative Reasoning-23-0-0 MTH208
HSS104Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan2-0-0
BBT103Interdisciplinary (Gen. Res.& Conservation)3-0-0
BBC101Inorganic Chemistry3-0-0
HSS108Civics & Community Engagement2-0-0
Total Cr. Hrs.16
Semester 3
PHY100Natural Sciences2-1-0
HSS107Arts & Humanities2-0-0
MTH205Interdisciplinary (Probability & Statistics)2-0-0
BBT201Cell Biology3-0-0
HSS109Social Sciences3-0-0
MGT201Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology3-0-0
Total Cr. Hrs.16
Semester 4
BBT204Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation3-0-0
BBT205Molecular Biology3-0-0
BBT206Microbiology2-1-3 BBT201
BBC201Organic Chemistry2-1-3 BBC101
Total Cr. Hrs.15
Semester 5
BBT301Methods in Molecular Biology2-1-3 BBT205
BBT305Fundamentals of Biochemistry2-1-3
BBC301Carbohydrates & Lipids3-0-0
BBC302Plant Biochemistry3-0-0
BBC303Field Experience/Internship3-x-x
Total Cr. Hrs.15
Semester 6
BBC304Metabolism-I3-0-0 BBT305
BBC305Biochemical Techniques2-1-3
BBT307Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement2-0-0
BBT309Immunology3-0-0 BBT206
BBC306Amino acids & Proteins3-0-0
Total Cr. Hrs.17
Semester 7
BBC401Metabolism-II3-0-0 BBC304
AHS201Human Physiology2-1-3
BBC403Nutritional Biochemistry3-0-0
BBCxxxBiochemistry Elective-I3-0-0
Total Cr. Hrs.15
Semester 8
BBC404Industrial Biochemistry3-0-0
BBC405Environmental Biochemistry3-0-0
BBC406Clinical Biochemistry3-0-0
BBC407FYP/ Capstone Project3-0-0
BBCxxxBiochemistry Elective-II3-0-0
Total Cr. Hrs.16
CodeCourseCr HrsPre-Req
BBC409Biochemistry and metabolic disorders2-1-3
BBC410Genomics and Proteomics3-0-0
BBC411Molecular mechanisms of diseases3-0-0
BBC412Drug designing and metabolism3-0-0
BBC413Forensic serology and DNA analysis2-1-3
BBC415Biochemistry of drugs & their resistance3-0-0
BBC416DNA techniques & Clinical applications2-1-3
BBC417Stem Cell Technology & Therapeutics2-1-3
BBC418Renewable bioenergy resources3-0-0
BBC419Food Biochemistry2-1-3
BBC420Biomembranes & signaling3-0-0
BBC421Cancer Biology3-0-0
Disciplinary Major72
Field Experience / Internship3
Capstone Project (Research Project)3


A Road Map of the Program

Minimum duration 04 years (08 semesters) which can be extended to 01 more year.

Total numbers of Credit Hours


Semester duration


Course Load per Semester

Number of courses per semester



4 years

15-18 weeks


15-18 Credit hours

5 – 6



Scholarships:   As per QU policy

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