Message By Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor Message

Pro.Dr. Aamir Ijaz

It’s an honor for me to introduce you to the Qarshi University Lahore, Pakistan. This university is a unique effort by the Qarshi Foundation to provide quality education in the country that will enhance the employability of existing and upcoming graduates. As it has been recognized globally that opportunities for youth are getting scarce due to a lack of targeted education that can produce a workforce ready for the challenging demands of employers.

The QU will be mainly driven by its consumers, the industrial sector, and employers across the country and globally. To keep pace with the fast-moving technological world, the university will continually evaluate, improve, and align the quality of technical, vocational, and other skills-based education with contemporary demands and most important standards. We will endeavor the creation/inculcation of skill, knowledge, and abilities in our students; we are also committed to produce a creed of people who are not only technically strong in their respective fields but they will also be good human beings.

Let’s work together to make Qarshi University in a country having healthy and enthusiastic youth a great success story.

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