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Welcome to Qarshi University. It is a privilege to lead such an outstanding university, a project of the Qarshi Foundation, a welfare organization sponsored by Qarshi Industries Ltd. and the Qarshi family. Our mission is to produce managers of change in the society based on Islamic values and ethics. Thus, in addition to providing an environment that encourages academic excellence and creativity, we also focus on the character building of our students based on our socio-cultural values and traditions grounded in Islamic ideals. We believe in producing well-rounded quality graduates who are passionate about their profession and have empathy for fellow humans.

Currently, our students can choose to build expertise in Computer science, Business administration, Biotechnology, and Eastern medicine & surgery. In the near future, we plan to expand these academic and professional areas from natural sciences to engineering, life sciences to medicine, Pharmaceutical, humanities, and social sciences.

Qarshi University’s ambitious plan of investment in modern infrastructure and facilities, upcoming contemporary and futuristic academic programs, co-curricular activism, and competent and caring faculty and staff testify to its high standards and a clear vision for the future. With an eco-friendly campus, we are located on the bank of the Lahore Canal in the country’s cultural and academic hub. QU is a highly diverse and welcoming community with a beautiful campus which is big enough to have an international presence and impact, yet small enough that students are able to develop a strong sense of community with lifelong connections to friends and mentors.

Besides academic excellence, co-curricular activities are given due importance. A number of clubs and societies have been formed to hone and develop leadership abilities in students through debates, seminars, sports, and community service.

We encourage student participation in national competitions in order to boost their self-confidence and cultivate their confidence and natural talents in innovation, teamwork, and communication. We provide a distinctive mix of faculty excellence and individualized attention to create a superb learning environment in which you can excel.

QU has been advancing at a confident and sustainable pace to serve the community as a quality education provider. I am grateful for your unwavering efforts to make Pakistan and the world a better place, and I wish you all the best for a productive academic year ahead.

Prof. Dr. Faisal Mustafa, Vice-Chancellor, Qarshi University

Dr. Faisal has 20 years of an international career as a Vice-Chancellor, Provost (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Dean, HoD, Professor, Founding Dean of Business Incubator, Data Scientist, Senior BI Consultant, IT Transformation Director, and a Lead Researcher. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Huddersfield, UK, and Post Graduate higher education teaching qualification from the University of Essex, UK. He has been a Senior Faculty Member, Quality Assurance Reviewer, and Chair in the leading institution in the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, and Pakistan. He brings with him an excellent higher education academic, industrial collaboration, and administrative record. Dr. Faisal’s research interests include Technology Management, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Strategies in Emerging Markets, Strategic Innovation in Technology Ventures, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Business Forecasting, Business Simulation Modeling, Investment Valuation & Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, AI planning, Advanced Business Innovations, and Semantic web Services platform for businesses. His academia action research strand focuses on multidisciplinary curriculum development, inclusive learning, and participatory engagement in collaborative research, an environment to support teaching & learning in the lifelong sector

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