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       Registration For New Semester

  1. Course Registration
  2. For new admissions, course registration is completed on the orientation day. Rest of the students are advised to register themselves according to the rules and regulation (explained in this handbook) and dates provided in the Academic Calendar.
  3. Registration Procedure
  4. Students are to fill the prescribed Registration Form (Annexure – 1) available from the Office of the Registrar.
  5. Whilst filling the Registration Form, a student should keep in view the following:
  6. Consult concerned Faculty or Department to ascertain what courses are being offered for the said semester and batch.
  7. Ensure that pre-requisite course / s have been passed[1]
  8. The courses graded “F” or “W” have to be registered on priority basis in the subsequent semesters.
  9. All dues are paid.
  10. The credit hours for courses registered should not exceed 18 credit hours.
  11. After duly filling the Registration Form, the student should submit and get it signed from concerned Batch Advisor. The student should collect the acknowledgement receipt from the Advisor after he signs the Registration Form.
  12. Payment of Dues
  13. The Semester fee is calculated after taking into account the course load and financial assistance/ scholarship (if provided).
  14. Fee should be paid before the start of the semester. In exceptional cases the semester fee may be divided into two installments; the first would be payable at the start of the semester and second before the midterm examination.


[1] An advance course cannot be taken with its pre-requisite in the same semester.