Bachelor Of Eastern Medicine (BEM)


Bachelor of Eastern Medicine (BEM), five years’ degree program offered by Qarshi University Lahore is:

1) Approved by Higher Education Commission

2) Recognized/Registered by the National Council for Tibb (NCT)

The Initiative of incorporating traditional medicine in primary health has been taken by World Health Organization (WHO) to improve health care services delivery globally. BEM degree is a new milestone and land mark qualification in traditional medicine in Pakistan. It is designed to upgrade natural medicine through a combination of modern and traditional knowledge, skills and diagnostic techniques. It involves integration of basic & clinical medical disciplines and advance research.


  • This program is designed with a goal to create a “Natural Medicine Graduate” possessing requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness, so that she / he may function appropriately and effectively as a physician of first contact of the community while being globally relevant.
  • Qarshi university spreads the lights of learning and knowledge with the flavor of Islamic values, Faith, Ethics blend with science and Technology. Our Curriculum is oriented towards industry readiness of students and provides Culture of entrepreneurship


Career Opportunities

Our registered BEM graduates are prepared with unmatched skills and knowledge that enables them becomes leaders in public and private healthcare organizations.

Current BEMS graduates are delivering their services as:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Rural community physician delivering needed services in remote communities (e.g., delivering babies, caring for neonates/elderly)
  • Physician in urgent care center
  • Primary care physician in rural and remote community medical clinics
  • Specialist or consultant physician in hospital settings as well as urban health centers
  • Entrepreneur owner/partner in specialty/niche medical care clinic (e.g., wellness, natural
  • Medicine, pain, spa, sports medicine, regenerative care, etc.)
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Health Manager
  • Research Scientist
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Teacher/Faculty in Medical Education.
  • Corporate Wellness Professional
  • Health & Wellness entrepreneurship & Coaching
  • Natural medicine spokesperson/advisor
  • Dietary supplement entrepreneur or natural products specialist
  • Natural medicine author/publication officer


Distinctive Program Features

  1. Recognize “health for all” as a national goal and health right of all citizens
  2. Learn every aspect of National policies on health and devote herself/himself to its practical
  3. Achieve competence in practice of holistic medicine, encompassing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of common diseases.
  4. Develop scientific temper, acquire educational experience for proficiency in profession and promote healthy
  5. Become exemplary citizen by observance of Natural medicine ethics and fulfilling social and professional obligations, so as to respond to national
  6. Competent in diagnosis and management of common health problems of the individual and the community, commensurate with his/her position as a member of the health team at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels, using his/her clinical skills based on history, physical examination and relevant
  7. Competent to practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative natural medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health
  8. Appreciate rationale for different therapeutic modalities, be familiar with the administration of the “essential drugs” and their common side
  9. Possess the attitude for continued self-learning and to seek further expertise or to pursue research in any chosen area of medicine, action research and documentation skills.
  10. Familiar with the basic factors which are essential for the implementation of the National Health Programs including practical aspects of the following:
    • Family Welfare and Maternal and Child Health (MCH)
    • Sanitation and water supply
    • Prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases
    • Immunization
    • Health Education
    • Pakistan Public Health Standards at various level of service delivery
    • Bio-medical waste disposal
    • Organizational and institutional arrangements
  11. Acquire basic management skills in the area of human resources, materials and resource management related to health care delivery, General and hospital management, principal inventory skills and
  12. Have personal characteristics and attitudes required for professional life including personal integrity, sense of responsibility and dependability and ability to relate to or show concern for other



  • Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Medical / A-levels or Equivalent)
  • Admission test and / or Interview may be required.


Bachelor Of Eastern Medicine (BEM) Program Structure Framework
(As per HEC Policy)

First ProfessionalSecond Professional

·      Human Anatomy- Embryology-Histology -I

·      Physiology -I

·      Biochemistry-l

·      Principles of Eastern Medicine-I

·      History of Eastern medicine

·      Islamiat/ Pak. Studies

·      Human Anatomy- Embryology-Histology -II

·      Physiology- II

·      Biochemistry-II

·      Principles of Eastern Medicine-II

·      Pharmacognosy-I

·      Bioinformatics

Third ProfessionalFourth Professional

·     Materia Medica-I

·      Pharmacy

·     Microbiology & Parasitology

·     Community Medicine

·     Pharmacognosy-I

·     Clinical Methods & Therapeutics-I

·     Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

·      Pathology

·      Surgery-I

·      Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry

·      Obstetrics & Gynaecology-I

·      Clinical Methods & Therapeutics-II

·      Materia Medica -II

Final Professional

·      Pediatrics

·      Ophthalmology & ENT

·      Clinical Diagnostics

·      Surgery-II

·      Obstetrics & Gynaecology-II

·      Clinical methods & Therapeutics-III

Clinical Practice

All Clinical subjects start from 3rd year required mandatory clinical exposure, medical degree program. Following institutions/setups are available for clinical Training of the students.

  • Qarshi Hospital
  • Indus Hospital
  • Affiliated Hospitals are Hijaz Hospital & Mansoorah Hospital
  • Qarshi Clinics of Natural Medicine
  • Qarshi Mother and Child Health Care Center (QMCHCC)


BEM House Job Program

  • BEM graduates are offered 1-yr paid house job in Qarshi Hospital, Indus Hospital, Qarshi Clinics of Natural Medicine and Affiliated Hospital (Hijaz Hospital, Mansoorah Hospital) which is mandatory for NCT (National Council for Tibb) registration. BEM graduates are assigned under the supervision of qualified professors and clinicians in the following departm


Qarshi Clinics of Natural Medicine

  • Matab Qarshi / QHS Clinics
  • Qarshi Mother & Child Health Care Center
  • Medicine
  • Emergency
  • Surgery
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology and ENT
  • Pediatrics
  • Urology
  • Orthopedics
  • Diagnostic Laboratory (Serology & Imaging)
  • Cardiology


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