Bachelor Of Eastern Medicine (BEM)



Bachelor of Eastern Medicine (BEM), five years’ degree program offered by Qarshi University Lahore is:

  • Approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • Accredited by the National Council for Tibb (NCT)

The Initiative of incorporating natural medicine principles in primary health has been taken by World Health Organization (WHO) to improve health care services delivery globally. BEM degree is a new milestone and landmark qualification in natural medicine in Pakistan. It is designed to upgrade natural medicine through a combination of modern and traditional knowledge, clinical skills and diagnostic techniques needed to deliver outstanding patient care in all practice settings.

THE STANDOUT ELEMENT of our program at Qarshi University is the revolutionary Memorandum of understanding, an agreement signed with King Edward Medical University as a landmark alliance to advance mutual scientific research endeavors and skill development of students through collaborative seminars, workshops and resource utilization.


Program objectives

  • Promote a deep understanding of traditional Eastern medicine principles and practices to maintain optimal health.
  • Equip students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary for the integration of modern and traditional healthcare approaches to promote WHO initiative of integrative medicine for patient’s wellbeing.
  • Promote and establish revolutionary research and innovation pathways in natural medicine along with the clinical trials through landmark collaboration with King Edward Medical University.
  • Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in diagnosing and managing the patients.
  • Develop professionals capable of providing natural medicine and primary care services independently or within the healthcare teams and integrative medicine centers.
  • Provide opportunities for postgraduate studies in clinical and non-clinical sciences.
  • Prepare graduates for roles in academic settings and medical education.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurship ventures within specialty clinics, herbal medicine pharmacies, and natural medicine stores.
  • Empower students to generate inclusive health narratives through diverse mediums like writing,blogging and podcasting.


Career opportunities

  • Licensure to practice Natural Medicine and provision of primary care services both independently, within group settings and as part of an integrated health care team.
  • Diverse Avenue for professional growth, which encompass specializing in aesthetic treatments, speech and language rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Hijama therapy etc.
  • Postgraduate studies extending to MPhil and PhD programs spanning clinical and non-clinical sciences.
  • Academics and faculty members engaged in the field of medical education.
  • Public health administrator within natural and integrated healthcare units.
  • Nutritional counseling through the integration of natural and organic products into an individual’s lifestyle.
  • Entrepreneurial journey as the owner or partners in specialty clinics, herbal and natural medicine pharmacy or store.
  • Roles within the drug regulatory authority of Pakistan pertaining to natural medicine.
  • Positions in production, quality control, publications, research and development within natural and nutraceutical industries.
  • Creators of holistic health content through diverse mediums such as writing, blogging, podcasting, and video making.


Program distinctive features          

  • Integrated faculty including specialized consultants and visiting academic members from reputable medical colleges, ensuring a rich academic experience.
  • Groundbreaking research avenues upon our milestone collaboration with King Edward Medical University offering seminar, workshop and resource facilities.
  • Clinical rotations in renowned affiliated hospitals, including Indus, Mansoora and Qarshi Hospital, providing unparalleled opportunities for real-world clinical exposure and modern medicine training. Modern classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Laboratories with comprehensive range of models and instruments, blending traditional healing methodologies with current scientific perception.
  • Experiential learning approach, integrating hands-on activities, case studies, and real-world projects to equip students with practical skills applicable to their future careers.
  • Supportive Faculty community offering personalized attention to every student.
  • A robust student advisory system, ensuring continuous guidance and support.
  • Provision of diverse health-related seminars, workshops, and talks featuring guest speakers specialized in various fields.
  • Industry exposure through visits to Pharmaceuticals and organic products


  • Connection of academia with industry specifically partnering with Qarshi Industries to enhance hands-on experience and career opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship training, ensuring students are market-ready with the skills and mindset to succeed in the business world.


Teaching pedagogy

Our distinguished faculty share their knowledge and experiences using a variety of teaching methods suitable for students with different learning styles.

Goals and objectives of our program are met using a diverse mix of classrooms, laboratory and ability-based learning exercises. Moreover, lectures, group projects, active learning, simulation exercises and case based learning experiences combine to provide students an opportunity to grow into independent practitioners.


Clinical practice

Beginning from 3rd year, students engage in mandatory clinical exposure designed to complement theoretical learning with invaluable practical experience in real world healthcare settings. Following institutions/setups are available for clinical training of the students,

  • QarshiHospital and Clinics of Natural Medicine
  • QarshiMother and Child Health Care Center (QMCHCC)
  • Other affiliatedHospitals are
  • HijazHospital
  • IndusHospital 
  • MansoorahHospital


  • Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Medical I A-levels or Equivalent)
  • Admission test and / or Interview may be required.
  • Special circumstances will be entertained on individual basis, after the prior consideration of the Vice Chancellor, Qarshi University.


BEM house job

BEM graduates are offered 1-yr paid house job in Qarshi Hospital (Integrated healthcare unit) Qarshi Clinics of Natural Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals (Indus Hospital, Hijaz Hospital, Mansoorah Hospital) which is mandatory for NCT (National Council for Tibb) registration. BEM graduates are assigned under the supervision of qualified professors and clinicians in the following departments:

  • Qarshi Clinics of Natural Medicine
  • Qarshi QHS Clinics
  • Qarshi Mother & Child Health Care Center Medicine Emergency
  • Surgery
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology and ENT
  • Pediatrics
  • Urology
  • Orthopedics
  • Diagnostic Laboratory (Serology 6, Imaging)
  • Cardiology




Sr. No.Course CategoryNumberCredit Hours
4.Capstone project3
One Year House Job/Internship


CodeCourse TitleCrHrs*Pre-Reqs
 First Professional  
 First Term / Semester 1  
BEM101Human anatomy – I3-1-3 
BEM102Physiology – I3-1-3 
BEM103Biochemistry – I2-1-0 
BEM104Principles of Eastern Medicine – I3-0-0 
BEM105History of Eastern Medicine2-0-0 
HSS103Islamic Studies / Ethics2-0-0 
HSS101Functional English3-0-0 
CCL100Application of Information & Communication Technologies0-1-3 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.22 
 Second Term / Semester 2  
BEM106Human anatomy – II3-1-3 
BEM107Physiology – II3-1-3 
BEM108Biochemistry – II2-1-0 
BEM109Principles of Eastern Medicine – II3-0-0 
HSS102Expository Writing2-1-2 
HSS104Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan2-0-0 
HSS108Civics and Community Engagement2-0-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.21 
 Second Professional  
 First Term / Semester 3  
BEM201Human Anatomy – III3-1-3 
BEM202Physiology – III3-1-3 
BEM203Biochemistry – III2-1-0 
BEM204Principles of Eastern Medicine – III3-0-0 
BEM205Pharmacognosy – I2-1-0 
MTH208Quantitative Reasoning – I/ Business Mathematics3-0-0 
MGT201Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology2-0-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.24 
 Second Term / Semester 4  
BEM206Human Anatomy – IV3-1-3 
BEM207Physiology – IV3-1-3 
BEM208Biochemistry – IV2-1-0 
BEM209Principles of Eastern Medicine – IV3-0-0 
BEM210Pharmacognosy – II2-1-0 
MTH209QR – II/ Introduction to Data Science3-0-0 
HSS107Arts and Humanities2-0-0 
CNS101Natural Science2-1-3 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.25 
 Third Professional  
 First Term / Semester 5  
BEM301Pharmacognosy – III2-1-0 
BEM302Materia Medica – I3-1-3 
BEM303Clinical Methods & Therapeutics – I3-1-3 
BEM304Microbiology & Parasitology – I2-1-0 
BEM305Pharmacy – I3-1-3 
BEM306Community Medicine – I3-0-0 
MLT401Forensic medicine2-0-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.23 
 Second Term / Semester 6  
BEM307Pharmacognosy – IV2-1-0 
BEM308Materia Medica – II3-1-3 
BEM309Clinical Methods & Therapeutics – II3-1-3 
BEM310Microbiology & Parasitology – II2-1-0 
BEM311Pharmacy – II3-1-3 
BEM312Community Medicine – II3-0-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.23 
 Fourth Professional  
 First Term / Semester 7  
BEM413Materia Medica – III3-1-3 
BEM414Clinical methods & Therapeutics – III3-1-3 
BEM415Pathology – I3-1-3 
BEM416Obstetrics and Gynecology – I2-1-0 
DPT405Surgery – I2-1-0 
HSS107Social Science2-0-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.20 
 Second Term / Semester 8  
BEM417Materia Medica – IV3-1-3 
BEM418Clinical methods & Therapeutics – IV3-1-3 
BEM419Pathology – II3-1-3 
BEM420Obstetrics and Gynecology – II2-1-0 
DPT304Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry2-1-0 
DPT407Surgery – II2-1-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.21 
 Final Professional  
 First Term / Semester 9  
BEM501Clinical methods & Therapeutics – V3-1-3 
BEM502Obstetrics and Gynecology – III2-1-0 
BEM503Pediatrics – I2-1-0 
BEM405Clinical Diagnostics – I3-1-3 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.20 
 Second Term / Semester 10  
BEM507Clinical methods & Therapeutics – VI3-1-3 
BEM508Obstetrics and Gynecology – IV2-1-0 
BEM505Pediatrics – II2-1-0 
BEM507Clinical Diagnostics – II3-1-3 
BEMxxxSurgery – IV2-1-0 
BEMxxxCapstone Project3-0-0 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.23 
 Total  Cr. Hrs.222 
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