Research Work of Qarshi University’s faculty members -Thinking Beyond the Horizons

Qarshi University’s interdisciplinary research group believes that to solve challenging problems faced by society, researchers and scientists across disciplines have to work together. At Qarshi University, we strive to synergize research by encouraging researchers and scientists to stretch their boundaries and collaborate to form interdisciplinary research groups. Towards this objective, we have active interdisciplinary research groups in areas of Bioinformatics.

Dr. Shoaib Irshad

PhD in Business Administartion.

Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.

Research Profile:

The nexus between urbanization, renewable energy consumption, financial development, and CO2 emissions: evidence from selected Asian countries.

Environment, Development and Sustainability 24 (5), 6556-6576 – 2022

Indexation: WoS, SCIE, SCOPUS, EBESCO, RePEc

Impact of market structure on the value relevance of accounting information: A case of Scandinavian Countries.

Multicultural Education 8 (No. 01,), 8-14 – 2022

Indexation: SCOPUS, EBESCO, American Economic Association.

Volatility spillovers from US to Emerging seven stock markets: Pre & post analysis of GFC

International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences – 2021

Indexation: WoS, ESCI, EBSCO

Income smoothing and transparency of financial statements: Evidence from London Stock Exchange

Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE) 10 (4), 38-43 – 2021

Bank’s Supply of Credit and Corporate Capital Structure In Pakistan

Romanian Economic and Business Review. 2016

Indexation: EconLit, IDEAS, Econ Papers, EBSCO

Effect of representativeness bias on investment decision making

Management and Administrative Sciences Review 5 (1), 26-30 – 2016


2- Conferences

2nd International Conference on Business Administration, IBA, PU, Pakistan        2023

1st International Conference on Business Technology, and Social Sciences,

University of the Punjab, Gujranwala Campus, Pakistan.                                          2023

International Symposium on Current Approaches & New Trends in Social Sciences,

Turkey. 2021

IAAER and ACCA Early career Researchers Workshop in conjunction with AMIS Conference, Romania.                                                                                                            2019

4rth international Students Social sciences Congress, Cappadocia, Turkey.             2018

IAAER and ACCA Early career Researchers Workshop in conjunction with AMIS Conference, Romania.                                                                                                            2018   

Balance & Challenges X International Scientific Conference, Miskolc, Hungary    2017

10th International Conference Globalization and Higher Education in Economics and Business Administration-GEBA, Romania.                                                                  2017



Dr. Rizwan Khalid

PhD in Management

Research Profile:

  1. Khalid, R., Shehzad, C. T., & Naqvi, B. (2022). Impact of Capital Account Liberalization on Stock Market CrashesInternational Journal of Finance and Economics. [ABS-3, ABDC-B, JPI-52] https://doi.org/10.1002/ijfe.2615


  1. Baig, A. S., Butt, H. A., & Khalid, R. (2022). Estimating value‐at‐risk models for non‐conventional equity market indexReview of Financial Economics, 40(1), 63-76. [ABS-1, ABDC-B, JPI-26] https://doi.org/10.1002/rfe.1139


  1. Khalid, R., & Shehzad, C. T. (2021). Crude oil prices, financial stability, and stock market crashes: Evidence from MENA CountriesPakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences (PJCSS), 15(4), 736-764. [JPI-17]


  1. Khalid, R (2022). Capital Adequacy and Liquidity Creation of Islamic and Conventional Banks. Advances in Financial Studies


Dr Nadia Batool Zahra

Associate Professor, Biotechnology

Research Profile:

Dr Nadia Zahra received her PhD in Biotechnology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and University of Florida, US. Her research interests include Global Health, Biosafety & Biosecurity, Bioethics & DURC, Biodiversity Conservation, DNA Barcoding, Plant Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. Dr Zahra remained a Visiting Researcher at Ohio University and University of Florida, US. Her profile includes more than 60 International & National Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums wherein she has participated as an Organizer/MasterTrainer/ Trainee/Presenter and certifications of 20 international webinars. She has published her research work in several peer reviewed international journals. She is also member of editorial boards of different journals and reviews the articles for various peer-reviewed international journals. Below are the highlights of her research activities and accomplishments.

  1. Volunteered International Organizations: There are several projects in collaboration with International Organizations including The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), The European Union Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Initiative (EU CBRN CoE), Landau Network Centro Volta -Italy (LNCV) where Dr Zahra worked as a volunteer during her PhD. It involved traveling to far-flung areas of Pakistan for raising awareness about biosafety and biosecurity in University faculty, students, researchers and conducting workshops/seminars to promote the consciousness of biosecurity.
  2. Trainings on Biosecurity: As Life-time member Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) have received its rigorous week-long trainings based on biosafety, biosecurity and responsible conduct of life sciences in collaboration with NIH (US) and Fogarty International Centre (FIC-NIH) and Health Security Partners (HSP) under the Lead Trainers Tim Trevan & Sean Kaufman.
  3. Master Trainer PBSA: Served as Master Trainer PBSA to provide trainings regarding biosafety and biosecurity to relevant professionals.
  4. Presentations at foreign platforms: Presented a paper entitled “Genome editing and Nanoscience; The arising debates in Safe Science” at the “Regional Conference to Promote Safe & Secure Science in the Middle East, South & Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” 5-9 Feb, 2018 jointly organized by US National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine & Academy of Sciences Malaysia.
  5. International Collaboration with University of Cambridge: International Collaboration on “New and Emerging Issues in Bioengineering” by the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), Cambridge University, UK. This foresight project concluded with an in-person workshop in Cambridge and a publication afterwards (2018-2020).
  6. International Collaboration with World Health Organization:
  • WHO, Geneva: Another collaboration with WHO, Geneva resulted in an international report co-authored by Dr Zahra and published by WHO on foresight studies for global public health (2020-2022).
  • WHO, Portugal: Work in progress on global health foresight that will be published soon (2022- to date).


Modasrah Haroon

PhD Scholar Biochemistry
Lecturer, DEM, QU

  1. Rizwan Asif, Muhammad Ali, Modasrah Mazhar, Madiha Mustafa, Riffat Yasmin
    “Evaluation of Phytochemical contents, antimicrobial and antioxidant potential of Haloxylon griffithii collected from Northern region of Balochistan, Pakistan’’ March, 2023. Dose Response Impact Factor: 2.67.

  2. Modasrah Mazhar, Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Muhmmad Naveed. Phytochemical Profiling, Biological Activities and In Silico Virtual Screening of Bioactive Compounds of Trichodesma Indicum (L) R. Br. Extracts. ChemistrySelect. 2022; 7(42). doi.org/10.1002/slct.202203821.  Impact Factor: 2.39

  3. Usaal Tahir, Mariam Zameer, Nureen Zahra, Maham Mazhar, Ayesha Rafique, Sobia Alyas, Aroosh Shabbir, Arifa Mehreen, Muhammad Imtiaz Shafiq, Modasrah Mazhar and Qaiser Akram. Isolation and Characterization of Shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli Isolated from Various Food Samples. Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2022; 10(1):19-25. doi: 10.12691/jfnr-10-1-3. Impact Factor: 1.31              
  4. Muhammad Bilal, Asia Parveen*, Amal Fiaz, Modasrah Mazhar. In vitro phytochemical analysis, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of Mallotus Philippinensis. International Journal of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences. 2022; 2(1). DOI: https://doi.org/10.52461/ijnms.v2i1.1237                             
  5. Ayesha Saleem , Muhammad Afzal , Muhammad Naveed , Syeda Izma Makhdoom , Modasrah Mazhar, Tariq Aziz , Ayaz Ali Khan , Zul Kamal , Muhammad Shahzad , Metab Alharbi , Abdulrahman Alshammari. HPLC, FTIR and GC-MS Analyses of Thymus vulgaris Phytochemicals Executing In Vitro and In Vivo Biological Activities and Effects on COX-1, COX-2 and Gastric Cancer Genes Computationally. Molecules. 2022; 27(23):8512. doi: 10.3390/molecules27238512. Impact Factor: 5.00                                                                                                                                                                               
  6. Rizwan Asif, Riffat Yasmin, Madiha Mustafa, Ana Ambreen, Modasrah Mazhar, Abdul Rehman, Mukhtiar Ahmad, Shehla Umbreen, ” Phytohormones as plant growth regulators and safe protector against biotic and abiotic stress as friendly candidates for plant” IntechOpen. DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.102832.
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