Photography and Social Media Club


-Ensures events held on university premises comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, supporting the overall governance and integrity of university activities.
-Facilitates effective risk management for events by categorizing them based on factors such as size, complexity, and nature, ensuring the safety and security of participants and university resources.
-Ensures equitable and efficient use of university spaces, with priority given to teaching activities, promoting a balanced and organized scheduling of events.
-Allows for the identification and promotion of special events with core, conference, or strategic status, contributing to the university’s overall strategic objectives and reputation.
-Provides a platform for networking and collaboration among various university entities, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for successful event planning and execution.

-Plan and organize various university events, including academic seminars, cultural festivals, and fundraisers.
-Secure sponsorships and partnerships to fund these events and ensure their success.
-Develop and manage event budgets, logistics, and timelines.
-Coordinate with other clubs and student organizations to collaborate on larger events.
-Offer event management services for local community events and organizations.
-Provide mentorship and training to students interested in event planning and sponsorship acquisition.

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