Transfer Cases

Policy for Credit Hours

  • The students  enrolled in HEC recognized university degree awarding institutions and are yet to complete their degrees are eligible for credit transfer only.
  • University shall accept transfer exemption for only those courses which are similar to the ones being offered at Qarshi University.
  • Student who wishes to transfer his credit, must apply on the prescribed from (Annexure – 10) available from the Registrar Office. The applicant is responsible to provide the content material e.g. program structure, course outline etc. along with the evidence of completion of the course to the concerned Dean / HoD.
  • The Department Chair has to decide upon the material provided by the applicant for suitability and similarity of the course completed and the course offered at Qarshi University for transfer purposes.
  • Grades less than a ‘C’ for undergraduate studies and a ‘B’ for graduate studies shall not be considered appropriate for transfer.
  • no extra charges will be charged to avail exemption for credit transfer.
  • If the course / s is / are exempted the credit hours will be counted towards the applicant’s degree requirement, however, achieved grades shall not be counted towards calculation of CGPA and ‘Transferred’ shall be written against them in the grade column of the transcript.
  •  Concerned Dean / HOD is required to forward the case along with the recommendations to the Registrar Office for further action.

The University reserves the right to change or revise any admission related policy at any time without prior notification.
Regarding   matters where Qarshi University’s Admission Policy is unclear or ambiguous, the policies of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan will be implemented.

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