Department of Computer Science

Undergraduate Program Highlights
Industry Led, Market Ready Graduates with the Right Values

Department Mission:

Provide quality education in theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and educate and train students to be successful ethical and effective problem solvers and lifelong learners who can apply their skills to solve real-world problems.

Department Vision:

The Department will become a leader in computer science and related domains by building a strong teaching and research environment to train and transform young men and women into responsible and successful professionals who can proactively engage themselves for the betterment of society.

Department Objectives:

  • Graduates of the undergraduate program in Computer Science are expected to attain the following objectives within a few years of graduation:
  • Succeed in their chosen profession by applying computational and analytical approaches to computer science to solve real-world problems.
  • Successfully engage in life-long learning in cross-disciplinary domains such as bioinformatics, business analytics, etc.
  • Exhibit high professional ethical standards to become productive leaders in society
  • Successfully launch themselves as young entrepreneurs enabling a knowledge-based economy.
  • Progress through continuing education while pursuing an advanced degree or certificate program in computing, science, engineering, business, and other professionally related fields.

Attributes of QU Graduates:

  • QU graduates are keen learners, grounded in Islamic and national heritage who exhibit strong work ethics, integrity, and character.
  • QU graduates have exposure and deep understanding of local knowledge and appreciation of culture and societal norms through a variety of opportunities to interact and engage with industry and society.
  • QU graduates have the ability and willingness to work in diverse organizational settings and meet targets and achieve results.
  • QU graduates are prepared though broad-based education combined with rigorous discipline specific training to address and solve real world problems.
  • QU graduates are confident and committed individuals who enthusiastically embrace innovative and entrepreneurial approaches in addressing issues.

Student Life at QU:

  • State of the art new campus facilities and support services provide all the elements to pursue an enriching and rewarding learning experience.
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are an integral part of the undergraduate program contributing to personal and professional development of students.
  • QU offers a diverse range of student led societies and clubs providing an exciting range of activities and interactions. A few QU societies have international affiliations.
  • QU students have opportunities to participate in international competitions and events.
  • A vibrant faculty counselling and mentoring system fosters an inclusive, engaging, and supportive learning environment.
  • QU attracts students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds which adds to cultural diversity and enriches life on campus.

QU Undergraduate Program Advantage:

  • Program curriculum aligned with QU vision, mission, and values aims with a strong emphasis on Taleem-O-Tarbiat.
  • HEC compliant and globally benchmarked program structure features broad-based and integrated curriculum to produce well rounded graduates.
  • The experiential component of the degree programs involving summer internships and entrepreneurial projects ensure market ready graduates.
  • Advisory group of each program comprising industry leaders and experts provide guidance and support by actively engaging with faculty and students to develop market orientation in the graduates.
  • Flexible program design allows students to commit to a major field of study or switch to another disciplinary field with QU at the end of first academic year without significant loss of credit.
  • Thematic and interdisciplinary specializations and minors provide holistic and stimulating learning experience unrivaled in national setting.

Teaching Pedagogy:

  • Program courses are taught by a group of highly qualified academics and industry experts who are passionate about creating a supportive learning environment and making a difference.
  • Active faculty engagement with students through interactive classes, out of class activities and interactions facilitate student learning and grooming.
  • Integrated curriculum blending theory and practice reinforced by industry exposure enriches learners’ experience.
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