Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

BS Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology has the vision to raise holistic and value-based Bio-technocrats & Entrepreneurs who develop products & processes for the betterment of the community & environment. The multidisciplinary curriculum of the department includes trending technologies of the globe. The BS program is intended to strengthen the liaison of industry and academia. Therefore, our graduates are equipped with the requirements of industry in combination with academic excellence and professional competence. Our objective is to prepare the students for employment opportunities in the critically important and evolving biotechnology industry nationwide but also to provide skilled and problem-solving researchers for Qarshi Research International and Qarshi Industries. An integrated curriculum of the BS Biotechnology program at Department of Biotechnology, Qarshi University has been designed to ensure an industry-focused curriculum.

We believe in mentorship, our students are our ‘assets’ and we strive hard to inculcate the right values in them.


Objectives of the Programm

  • Holistic education wherein the curriculum design is driven by industrial requirements.
  • The Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) including experts from related industries and adjunct faculty from leading academic & research institutes.
  • Compulsory Summer Internships in industrial & government organizations.
  • Compulsory Practical Learning Lab offered in the areas of entrepreneurship, youth clubs & societies and sports.
  • State of the art and well-equipped research & teaching laboratories to provide most apt environment for learning
  • Academic Advisors to provide advice on student academic careers.


Scope of the Program

Companies in the areas of Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Pharmaceuticals, Bioengineering.

  • Food & beverages, Chemicals & Cosmetics.
  • Bioanalytical laboratories, Hospitals, Information systems of health sector
  • Agriculture, Natural-products chemistry, Livestock
  • Toxic and Industrial waste management, Environmental agencies
  • Education, Research & Development
  • Biotech start-ups and Bio-business management


Program Outcomesm

  • Graduates will be able to utilize their knowledge in biotechnology and other allied sciences.
  • Graduates will be able to apply theory and concepts in the field of industrial, health/ pharmaceutical, environment and agriculture sectors.
  • Graduates will effectively disseminate technical information using written progress reports, strategic reports, formal scientific written communications, and/or operations and procedures manuals.
  • The graduate should demonstrate a comprehension of the process of bioctechnology commercialization to meet financial and regulatory compliance issues and goals.
  • They will be able to perform their services in different Government and non-Government organizations.
  • The ability to express thoughts and ideas through oral, written, and computer communications.


Admission Criteria

F. Sc. (Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering) or equivalent with a minimum 45% score.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Merit and need-based generous financial assistance and scholarships are available to deserving students.


CodeCourse TitleCrHrsPre-Req
Semester 1
HSS101Functional English3-0-0
MTH208Quantitative Reasoning-I3-0-0
HSS103Islamic Studies/Ethics2-0-0
CCL100Applications of Information & Communication0-1-3
PSY101Interdisciplinary (Intr. to Psychology)3-0-0
BBT101Introduction to Biotechnology3-0-0
Total CrHrs15
Semester 2
HSS102Expository Writing3-0-0
CCS207Quantitative Reasoning-23-0-0
HSS104Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan2-0-0
HSS108Civics & Community Engagement2-0-0
BBT102Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution3-0-0
Total CrHrs16
Semester 3
PHY100Natural Sciences2-1-3
HSS107Arts & Humanities2-0-0
HSS109Social Sciences2-0-0
MGT201Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology3-0-0
BBT201Cell Biology2-1-3
Total CrHrs16
Semester 4
BBT202Biosafety & Bioethics2-0-0
BBT203Principals of Genetics3-0-0
BBT204Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation3-0-0
BBT205Molecular Biology3-0-0BBT201
Total CrHrs17
Semester 5
BBT301Methods in Molecular Biology2-1-3BBT205
BBT302Principles of Biochemical Engineering3-0-0
BBT304Field Experience/Internship3-x-x
BBT305Fundamentals of Biochemistry2-1-3
Total CrHrs15
Semester 6
BBT306Bioenergetics & Metabolism2-1-3BBT305
BBT307Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement2-0-0
BBT310Microbial Biotechnology3-0-0BBT206
Total CrHrs15
Semester 7
BBT401Genomics & Proteomics3-0-0
BBT402Health Biotechnology3-0-0
BBT403Food Biotechnology3-0-0
BBTxxxBiotech Elective-I3-0-0
Total CrHrs15
Semester 8
BBT405Industrial Biotechnology3-0-0
BBT406Cell & Tissue Culture3-0-0
BBT407Environmental Biotechnology3-0-0
BBT408FYP/ Capstone Project3-x-x
BBTxxxBiotech Elective-II3-0-0
Total CrHrs15
CodeCourseCategoryCr HrsPre-Req
BBT409Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyDMJ3-0-0
BBT410Fungal BiotechnologyDMJ3-0-0
BBT410Animal BiotechnologyDMJ3-0-0
BBT412Marine BiotechnologyDMJ3-0-0
BBT413Fermentation BiotechnologyDMJ3-0-0
BBT414Molecular DiagnosticsDMJ3-0-0
BBT416Biofuels & BiorefineriesDMJ3-0-0
BBT417Water & Waste Water TreatmentDMJ3-0-0
BBT418Plant DNA BarcodingDMJ3-0-0
BBT420Hospital Waste ManagementDMJ2-1-3
BBT421Agricultural BiotechnologyDMJ3-0-0
Disciplinary Major72
Field Experience / Internship3
Capstone Project (Research Project)3
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