Physical therapy is an essential segment of modern health care system. It is a “science of healing and art of caring”. It pertains to the clinical examination, evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Vascular and Respiratory systems’ functional disorders including symptoms of pain, edema, physiological, structural and psychosomatic ailments. It deals with methods of treatment based on movement, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutics modalities to relieve the pain and other complications. Hence, Physical therapy covers basic parameters of healing sciences i.e. preventive, promotive, diagnostic, rehabilitative, and curative.

Furthermore, the collaboration with King Edward Medical University represents a significant milestone for DPT students, expanding their opportunities for involvement in research initiatives and career growth. This partnership includes joint seminars, research projects and practical training workshops specifically designed to cater to the unique demands of the Doctor of Physical Therapy discipline.



Career opportunities:

The graduates of DPT will be able to take up Career in various fields:

  • Jobs in Public and Private Hospitals as Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Personal clinical setup
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation centers
  • Persue academic and research career in Public and Private Educational Institutions
  • Sports Clubs & Teams
  • International job placement


Distinctive program features

  • Department of Allied Health Sciences registered from Pakistan Allied Health Professionals Council
  • Curriculum of DPT designed in accordance with HEC and UG policy 2023.
  • For clinical training and hands-on practice, students to be engage in clinical rotations in various hospitals (Indus, Hijaz & Mansoorah Teaching Hospital) and rehabilitation centers
  • Offer elective courses that allow students to focus on specific areas of physical therapy practice such as orthopedics, neurology, sports therapy, or geriatrics.
  • State-of-the-art clinical simulation labs where students can practice their skills in a controlled environment before working with patients
  • Continuous professional development and entrepreneurship trainings to ensure students are market-ready, equipped with the skills and mindset to succeed in the business world
  • Student advisory system for guidance and support throughout the academic journey at Qarshi University.



  • Minimum 60% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Medical / A-level or Equivalent).
  • Admission test and/or Interview may be required.



(As per HEC Policy)


CodeCourse TitleCrHrsPre-Reqs
 Semester 1  
DPT101Anatomy – I3-2-1 
HSS101Functional English3-3-0 
CCL100Application of Information & Communication Technologies2-1-3 
CCS201Quantitative Reasoning – I3-3-0 
PSY101Introduction to Psychology3-3-0 
HSS103Islamic Studies2-2-0 
 Total CrHrs17 
 Semester 2  
DPT102Anatomy – II3-2-1DPT101
DPT103Physiology – I3-2-1 
HSS109Social Sciences2-2-0 
HSS108Expository Writing3-3-0 
CCS208Quantitative Reasoning – II3-3-0CCS201
HSS104Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan2-2-0 
 Total CrHrs16 
 Semester 3  
DPT201Anatomy – III3-2-1DPT101
DPT202Physiology – II3-2-1DPT103
PHY100Natural Sciences3-2-1 
HSS107Arts and Humanities2-2-0 
MGT201Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology3-0-0 
 Total CrHrs17 
 Semester 4  
DPT203Anatomy – IV3-2-1DPT101
DPT204Physiology – III3-2-1DPT103
AHS202Biochemistry – II3-2-1AHS201
DPT205Medical Physics3-3-0 
HSS108Civics & Community Engagement2-2-0 
AHS203Epidemiology & Public Health3-3-0 
 Total CrHrs17 
 Semester 5  
DPT301Biomechanics & Ergonomics – I3-3-0 
DPT302Exercise Physiology3-2-1 
DPT303Pharmacology – I3-3-0 
DPT304Behavioral Sciences (Psychiatry & Psychology)3-3-0 
DPT305Pathology & Microbiology – I2-1-3 
DPT306Supervised Clinical Practice – I3-0-3 
 Total CrHrs18 
 Semester 6  
DPT307Pathology & Microbiology – II2-2-0DPT305
DPT308Biomechanics & Ergonomics – II3-2-1DPT301
DPT309Physical Agents & Electrotherapy – I3-2-1 
DPT310Therapeutic Exercises &Techniques3-2-1 
AHS301Scientific Inquiry & Research Methodology3-3-0 
DPT311 Pharmacology – II2-2-0 
DPT312Supervised Clinical Practice – II3-0-3 
 Total CrHrs19 
 Semester 7  
DPT401Physical Agents & Electrotherapy – II3-2-1DPT309 
DPT402Manual Therapy3-2-1 
DPT403Medicine – I3-3-0 
DPT404Health & Wellness  2-2-0 
DPT404 Surgery – I3-3-0 
DPT405Supervised Clinical Practice – III3-0-3 
 Total CrHrs17 
 Semester 8  
DPT406Medicine – II3-3-0DPT403
DPT407Surgery – II3-2-1DPT405
DPT408Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging3-2-1 
DPT409Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy3-2-1 
DPT410Human Growth, Development & Community Based Rehabilitation2-2-0 
DPT411Supervised Clinical Practice – IV3-0-3 
 Total CrHrs17 
 Semester 9  
DPT501Internship/Field Experience3-0-0 
DPT502Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy3-2-1 
DPT503Neurological Physical Therapy3-2-1 
DPT504Prosthetics & Orthotics2-2-0 
DPT505Emergency Procedures & Primary Care In Physical Therapy3-2-1 
DPT506Supervised Clinical Practice –  IV3-0-3 
 Total CrHrs17 
 Semester 10  
DPT507Sports Physical Therapy3-3-0 
DPT508Clinical Decision Making &Differential Diagnosis2-2-0 
DPT509Obstetrics &Gynaecological Physical Therapy2-2-0 
DPT510Paediatric Physical Therapy2-2-0 
DPT511Integumentry Physical Therapy2-2-0 
DPT512Supervised Clinical Practice – V4-0-4 
DPT513Capstone Project3-0-0 
 Total CrHrs18 
 Total 173 

Course Distribution

Sr#Course Domain No. of Courses Cr. Hours
1. General1231
2. Core43121
3. Interdisciplinary412
4. University Elective103
5. Field Experience/Internship103
6. Capstone Project103
Total 173
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