ORIC-QU Introduction for Prospectus:

The Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) at Qarshi University (QU) serves as a dynamic hub for fostering research excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Committed to advancing knowledge and driving positive change, ORIC plays a pivotal role in facilitating research activities, promoting innovation, and bridging academia-industry partnerships.

ORIC-QU is led by Dr. Rashid Saif, guided by the visionary leadership of the VC-QU Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, where we are dedicated to supporting faculty, researchers, and students in their pursuit of groundbreaking research initiatives across diverse disciplines. Our office provides comprehensive support and resources to enable researchers to conduct high-impact research, secure funding, and disseminate their findings through scholarly publications and conferences.

Moreover, ORIC promotes innovation and entrepreneurship by nurturing a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. Through various programs, workshops, and initiatives, we encourage the development of innovative solutions to address real-world challenges and drive economic growth and development.

Additionally, ORIC facilitates the commercialization of research outcomes and technologies by fostering partnerships with industry stakeholders, facilitating technology transfer, and supporting the establishment of spin-off ventures. By fostering a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem, ORIC-QU aims to cultivate a culture of excellence, drive transformative discoveries, and make meaningful contributions to society. Join us in our journey of exploration, innovation, and impact.

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