Message By The Chairman

“It is time to ask ourselves what we aspire to, in a dynamic and shrinking world, in which education and the production of knowledge will play an even greater role. We have both extraordinary opportunities to go forward and equally strong challenges to contend with; relentless competition for our students and faculty, growing pressures and demands on our resources, and the increasing complexity and uncertainty of our business, economic, and political environment.

Despite these challenges, we have every reason to be optimistic about our strengths and our ability to succeed. Being optimistic, we expect that coming years hold even greater promise for us.

What does this require of us? Our Mission and Vision aspires to answer that.”


To be a premier source of knowledge and leadership for the achievement of marketable education, learning, and research to produce managers of change in the society based on Islamic values.


Productive Hard Work


“Distinctive leadership in quality education, human resource,

research and development, and corporate social responsibility”


Nake Niyati
Positive Thinking

While we must value and preserve those things that make Qarshi University a distinctive and special place, we must also respond to a competitive and changing world. This means that we must consistently evaluate what we are doing and effect change when necessary to advance our mission. We must proceed in the spirit of continuing engagement and conversation as we refine and implement other elements of our vision set forth for the University. Our world today is more competitive, and it is changing more rapidly. The Extraordinary opportunity lies ahead of us. Seizing that opportunity will require clarity of vision and strength of commitment. As a leading university with a distinctive commitment to undergraduate and graduate education, Qarshi University aspires to unrivaled education and research to contribute to the welfare of our dear country.

I am pleased that you are considering Qarshi University as your Alma mater where student experience is at the heart of all our endeavors. Qarshi University encourages individualism and helps you become the person you want to be. The goals and high standards we set for you to achieve will challenge you but we will also ensure all the support that you need. Qarshi University, with its highly qualified faculty, moderate fees, generous scholarships, and approach that rewards success, is dedicated to achieve excellence in teaching and support  of our students. I hope that we will be able to welcome you as a new member of our growing student community, one of our future proud Alumni and member of the university community for the rest of your life. The  university website contains necessary information you need to make an informed choice about which subjects you want to study and the career path you may choose to secure your future. Towards the end, I welcome you wholeheartedly to Qarshi University and expect that you will explore the web site of Qarshi University.

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