Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

BS Biotechnology Program

The program will provide awareness and impart knowledge by keeping the highest standards of professionalism and our cherished Qarshi values. The BS program is intended to strengthen the liaison of industry and academia. The higher education is considered valuable when directly applied in the industries. Our objective will be to prepare the students for employment opportunities in the critically important and evolving biotechnology industry nation-wide but also provide skilled and problem-solving researchers for Qarshi Research International and Qarshi Industries. The distinctive feature of this 4-year degree program is that students will be given an opportunity to select a Major at the completion of their first year, provided the condition they meet the disciplinary requirements including the prerequisites and body of knowledge of the selected Major.

Program Objectives:

  • Graduates will gain and apply knowledge of biotechnology and related sciences to solve problems related to field of biotechnology.
  • To design and develop solution to multi-disciplinary problems by applying appropriate hands on practicing tools.
  • Students will demonstrate to work effectively in teams with diverse backgrounds and cross-disciplinary boundaries.
  • Students will evolve as independent learners having intellectual independence, scientific literacy and an appreciation for the connections between life science and society.
  • To understand the need and impact of sustainable solutions on environment and society.
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of related norms and ethics in professional practices.

Career Opportunity:

Students graduating in biotechnology may find jobs in various areas including: Pharmaceutical industry (Drugs & Vaccines), Food manufacturing & production, Bioanalytical laboratories, Clinical research, Information systems of health sector, Quality control, Hospitals, Education & research, Regulatory affairs, Environmental agencies, Natural-products chemistry, Agriculture, Toxic and industrial waste management, Genetic engineering and diagnostics, Bioengineering companies, Biotechnological start-ups, Licensing & supervisory authorities, Planning, consulting & service companies.

Unique Features of BS Biotech

  • Holistic education wherein the curriculum design is driven by industrial requirements.
  • The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) including experts from related industries and adjunct faculty from leading academic & research institutes having vast industrial experience to co-supervise the final year research project and co-teach the advance technologies.
  • Compulsory Summer Internships in industrial & government organizations to produce market ready graduates.
  • Compulsory Practical Learning Lab offered in the areas of entrepreneurship, youth clubs & societies and sports.
  • Academic Advisors to provide advice on student academic careers and selection of their majors & minors.

Admission Criteria

F. Sc. (Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering) or equivalent with minimum 50% score.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships:

Merit and need-based generous financial assistance and scholarships are available to deserving students.

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