QU at a Glance

Qarshi University at a Glance
Qarshi University aims at providing “quality education and grooming” through careful designing and conduct of its various programs. How it is achieved is vital to the distinction of the University. The programs are aptly designed to ensure the students adaptability in a dynamic business environment. Besides professional development, the University strives to provide enabling environment to the students leading to their development as well-rounded individuals with instilled core values. The University also emphasizes on the mental health and development of its students by providing on-campus counseling on diverse matters.

The University campus is situated on Canal Road, (opposite Izmir Colony), Lahore. The location is central to a number of residential areas such as Izmir, EME, Rajpoot Town, Jubilee Town, Muhafiz Town, Bahria Town, Sukh Chein and Eden Villas.

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