Qarshi Industries

About Qarshi Industries

Qarshi industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading & largest natural product manufacturer in Pakistan. Qarshi takes pride in maintaining high quality gold standards in its products. Qarshi is the only organization in SAARC, Middle East, The commonwealth of independent state and Africa having 09 National/ International Certification & accreditations.  It is a modern and progressive facility that manufactures and markets leading brands that have become household names. Qarshi is engaged in promoting healthy living for seven decades. It has been offering a blend of age-old Oriental and Greek herbal preparations with the latest advancements in science and technology to provide safe and effective products to its consumers.

Qarshi is fully committed to its unique mission:

  • Insaniyat ki Bhalai
  • Ummah ki Sarbulandi
  • Pakistan ki Taraqi

Qarshi Industries is a socially responsible organization that fulfills its mission and lives by its values. From ensuring the quality of products to contributing to the welfare of the people through CRS & educational programs, Qarshi remains always at the front foot.

Qarshi Foundation

Founded by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi in July 1994, Under the umbrella of Qarshi Industries, Qarshi Foundation carries out social welfare activities with a focus on Health, Education, Welfare Projects, and Environment Conservation. The foundation has established Tibbi Dispensaries, Mother-Child Health Care Centers, and Hospitals.

Qarshi Foundation strives to bring sustainable development by promoting professional and technical education and research activities. In the area of education, Qarshi Foundation has taken a very visionary start with the focus on education from primary levels by establishing new institutions and sponsoring various schools in villages. Qarshi Foundation has also established Technical & higher educational institutes to provide quality education, offering scholarships & Qarz-e-Hasna, to the people for an educated Pakistan. 

Qarshi University

Qarshi University (QU) is a project of Qarshi Foundation; a non-profit welfare organization. Following the footsteps of the Qarshi Foundation, the ethos of community welfare also pulsates throughout the structures of Qarshi University. Qarshi University (QU) aims at providing “quality education and grooming” through careful designing and conduct of its various programs. How it is achieved is vital to the distinction of the University. The programs are aptly designed to ensure the student’s adaptability in a dynamic business environment. Besides professional development, the University strives to provide enabling environment to the students leading to their development as well-rounded individuals with instilled core values. The University also emphasizes the mental health and development of its students by providing on-campus counseling on diverse matters.

The University’s main campus is situated on Canal Road, (opposite Izmir Colony), Lahore.

Positioning of Qarshi University

The distinctive aspects of QU are:

  • Industry-led Programs
  • Market Ready Graduates
  • Entrepreneurial Graduates with the Right Values
  • Adherence to Global Academic Standards
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