Ms. Modasrah Haroon

Assistant Professor, DEM - Qarshi University

Email: [email protected]

Tel # (Off): (042) 37427446


  • BSc (Chemistry, Botany, & Zoology), 2003 from University of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • MSc (Biochemistry), 2005 from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
  • M. Phil (Biochemistry), 2014 from The University of Lahore, Lahore.
  • Ph.D Biochemistry (in process) Thesis/Research, from University of Central Punjab, Lahore.

Miss. Modasrah Haroon is professional teacher of Biochemistry, had served in various organization. She is a PhD Scholar (Biochemistry) at University of Central Punjab. She supervised many Research projects and Reviews at Graduation and Post-Graduation level.  Her research expertise is in medicinal plants bioactivity, biochemical profiling, enzymology and molecular biology.  She has published many research papers in esteemed peer reviewed National and International Journals. She has participated in various National and International conferences/seminars/symposium as keynote speaker and organizer. She had served her analytical skills in Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department. She has 12 years of experience on Teaching, administrative and technical positions in different organizations. She has held the following positions:

Lecturer-Biochemistry17th Sep, 2012  to DateDepartment of Eastern Medicine (DEM), Qarshi University, Lahore.
Lecturer Biochemistry     2008-2011 Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, The University of Lahore, Lahore.
Quality Assurance Officer (QAO)16th July, 2007 to 31st Aug, 2008Reko Pharmacal (Pvt.) Ltd, Lahore.

With over 8 internationally acclaimed research articles, she has remarkable teaching and research conducting skills. 

Paper presentation as keynote speaker:

  • As speaker for oral presentation in “Fourth International Conference on Biosciences (ICBS-2021)” organized by Biological Society of Pakistan (BPS) in collaboration with Department of Plant Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. Entitled “Antioxidant activity and in vitro phytochemical screening of Butea monosperma” on 15th June, 2021.
  • As speaker for oral presentation in “First National Conference on Entrepreneurship Avenues in Biological Sciences (NCEB) – 2020” at Department of Biology, Garrison University– Lahore.  Entitled “Extraction and characterization of antibiofilm compounds derived from Agaricus bisporus” on 8-9 January, 2020.
  • As speaker for oral presentation in “2nd International Conference of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomaterials ICBBB -2018” in collaboration with HEC, PHEC, USDA and PARB at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.  Entitled Antimicrobial and biological screening of secondary metabolites in Citrullus colocynthis” on 09-11 December, 2018.
  • As speaker for oral presentation in “37th Pakistan Congress of Zoology (International)-2017” in collaboration with HEC, WWF, Punjab University at GC University Faisalabad.  Entitled Circulating Inflammatory Adipokines: Potential Biomarkers in non- Diabetic Obese Individual” on Feb 28- March 2-2017.

Conferences/Symposium/Training Workshops

  • Participated/Certified for “Virtual International Conference on Zoonosis as a Threat to Global Health” organized by Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science, UVAS on 20th April, 2021.
  • Participated/Certified in Webinar on “Evidence Based Medicine” held by VET Crescent Society (UVAS) in collaboration with East Windsor Animal Hospital New Jersey USA on 26th April, 2021.
  • Participated/Certified for “Virtual International  Conference on Food Security” organized by UVAS, IVSA Pakistan, National in Collaboration with IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia and IVSA USP, Brazil on 30th May, 2021.
  • Participated/Certified for “Digital Teaching and Assessment; Challenges for students” at Riphah Academy of Research and Education (RARE), Riphah International University–Islamabad on 26th Nov, 2020.
  • Participated/Certified for “Practical Training Session on Publication Writing and Citation Management using End note” at Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Central Punjab –Lahore on 9th Oct, 2019.
  • Participated/Certified for one day symposium titled: “24th Event on One Day Symposium Regarding Recent Trends in Life Sciences: Biochemical Techniques Used in Diagnostic Labs” at Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Central Punjab –Lahore on 20th Sep, 2019.
  • Participated/Certified for “Three Days Hands On Training workshop Recombinant DNA Technology and Bioinformatics” at Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Central Punjab, Lahore on 25 – 27 June, 2019.
  • Certified for one day workshop on “Biosafety Training for Young Researchers” organized by Department of Biotechnology, University of Central Punjab, Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) on 24th  June, 2019.
  • Participated in “International Conference on Quality of Life, Education & Health”  organized by University of Central Punjab, Lahore in collaboration with FJMC, UVAS, LSM, QPSP, PIQC and Punjab University on 13th April, 2019.
  • Participated in one day seminar on “Development of Herbal Medicines using Green Extraction and Standardization Methods” by International Speaker on 28th January, 2019 organized by  College of Pharmacy-  The University of Punjab Lahore.
  • Participated in one-day seminar on “Shifa Ul Mulk Hakeem Muhammad Hasan Qarshi Memorial day on 27th December 2018 at Qarshi Lahore office.
  • Participated in 2nd International Conference of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomaterials ICBBB -2018 in collaboration with HEC, PHEC, USDA and PARB at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad on 09-11 December, 2018.
  • Participated in 2nd international conference on Plant sciences (ICPS-2018) on 5-7th December 2018, organized by Department of Botany, GC University Lahore in collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  • Participated in International Symposium on Food Security, Quality and Safety” held on November -2018 at Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Central Punjab, Lahore  in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education Commission Pakistan, PARB and APIFP.
  • Participated in 29th Annual international Symposium on Family Medicine. Pakistan Society of Family Physicians at Avari hotel Lahore on 23, 24, 25 Nov, 2018.
  • Participated in international conference Titled: “Therapeutic Importance of Traditional Medicine” on 14 Nov, 2018. Organized by Department of Biotechnology, Virtual University, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Certified for one day work shop on “Environmental safety” Under PAK-EPA at University of Central Punjab-2017.
  • Certified for attending one-day national symposium titled “Potential Impact of Genetics Testing & Counseling” at Virtual University, August 04, 2016.
  • Organizer and participant of “One day symposium on Research Paper Writing” at Qarshi University-2014.
  • Certified for workshop on Research Proposal Writing (Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Research Design) on 7th September, 2013 at University of the Punjab, Lahore.
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