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Dr. Muhammad Afzal

Associate Professor, HOD, Department of Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Currently, an Associate Professor of Qarshi University, Dr. Muhammad Afzal has 36+ years of academic and industrial experience. Although Dr. Muhammad Afzal received his degrees of Bachelor of Engineering, Masters in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, he also completed 3 semesters of MS Computer Science in Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on the merit scholarship of Ministry of Science & Technology, Pakistan, 1988-1989.  As Associate Professor, Dr. Afzal served in the Computer Science Department of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore from 1999 up till 2020. During his tenure with UET Dr. Afzal has been teaching a number of subjects including modular, programming, object-oriented programming, data structures & algorithms, artificial intelligence, expert systems, visual programming, cognitive sciences, algorithm analysis & design, parallel & distributed computation, and operating systems both at bachelor and postgraduate levels. Final year project (FYP) teams of Computer Science Department, UET, supervised by him have won valuable prizes at national and domestic levels.

His research areas of interest include Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, Ontology, Intelligent Agents, Deep Learning, Data Flow Architecture, and Distributed Systems, Bioinformatics.

Dr. Muhammad Afzal had three Ph.D. students under his supervision. Before he retired from UET, he produced one Ph.D. through two impact factor journal papers in ISI Thomson Reuter. He has been convener of departmental disciplinary committee, curriculum development committee, and member of other departmental committees to adapt ABET and Washington Accord in the academics of the departmental pursuits in educational processes following outcome-based education (OBE) even for acquiring accreditation from NCEAC.


  • BSc Engineering, 1985 from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  • MSc Computer Science, 1998 from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  • D. Computer Science, 2012 from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore



Job Title/ Organization

JAN 2015 – Visiting & Regular

 Associate Professor, Chairperson, Department of  Computer Sciences, Qarshi University, Lahore


MAY 2022-JUN 2020

Visiting Professor in the Gambia University, Banjul, Gambia

JAN 1999 – SEP 2020

Lecturer to Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, UET, Lahore

JAN 1999—SEP 2020


Visiting Teacher BNU, Pak-Aims, NCBA&E, Informatics, Imperial College

JUL 1985 – SEP 1998

Industrial Experience, Research, Development & Control, Trouble shooting, Equipment Design and Development, Process Design & Development, Material & Energy Balance. Sales Systems, Billing
 Systems, Mathematical Graph Tools etc.




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International Proceedings

  1. Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Afzal, and Muhammad Aslam, “Minimizing Big Data Problems using Cloud Computing Based on Hadoop Architecture”,11th IEEE International Conference HONET-PfE., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA,  pp.99-103, (2014)
  2. Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Afzal, “A Novel Approach to Super Quality Software Development using Workflows”, Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON), IEEE Annual, Yew York, USA,  2016, DOI: 1109/UEMCON.2016.7777855


Achievements / Certificates

  • Member Pakistan Engineering Council.
  • Member Pakistan Engineering Congress
  • License Plate Reader (LPR), Won 3rdBest Software Prize in ITEC4, Software Competition, 2004.   
  • Forensic Expert System (FOX), Won overall best software prize in ITEC6, Software Competition, 2006
  • Handwritten English Character Recognition System (System IntelliFlow, ICR,OCR), 3rdBest Software Prize in NESCON,07 held in FAST University, Islamabad.
  • Audio and Video Human Character Synthesis System (VEELOX), 1stprize in Best Business Idea Competition KalSoft, PinnaKal, Karachi, held on 9th November, 2008.
  • Audio and Video Human Character Synthesis System (VEELOX), 1stposition in Software Competition category in TECHELITE 2008 held at NED University of Engineering and Technology on 3rd May 2008
  • Audio and Video Human Character Synthesis System (VEELOX), 1stposition in Project Competition category in VISIO SPARK 2008 held at COMSATS Wah Cantt on 7th April 2008
  • Audio and Video Human Character Synthesis System (VEELOX), 3rdposition in Utilities and Entertainment category in COMPPEC 2008 held at EME College Islamabad on 26th April 2008
  • Audio and Video Human Character Synthesis System (VEELOX), 3rdposition in Software Project Category in NASCON 2008 held at FAST-NU Islamabad on 5th April 2008.
  • Islamic Semantic Web Search Engine, 1stposition in ITEC’18, Final Year Project Competition held in Computer Science & Engineering Department, UET, Lahore on May 11,   
  • Organized 3 ITEC events in UET CS department
  • Guest of Honour in ITEC 2023 this year
  • Teaching and supervising PhD, MS, BS level research & course work in OBE based education system
  • Supervised 2 PhD students; 1 completed PhD in 3.5 Years
  • Supervised 30+ MS research theses
  • Supervised more than 50+ BS final year projects
  • Convener Curriculum Committee and Disciplinary Committee of the Department
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