Merit Based Scholarships


  •  Scholarship for Bachelor Programs on the bases of F.A. /F.Sc. etc. 
Sr. No.Percentage Marks in Intermediate Scholarship Percentage
195 % and Above100
285% – 94.99%75%
375% – 84.99%50%
465% – 74.99%25%
560% – 64.99%10%


  • Scholarship for BS Studies on the Basis of A-Levels
Sr. No.Grads in the A-LevelsScholarship Percentage
12 As & 1 B75%
21 As & 2 B50%
32 Bs & 1 C25%


  • Merit Scholarship for BS Studies on the basis of Diploma
Sr. No.Percentage Marks in DiplomaScholarship Percentage
185% or above75%
275% – 84.95%50%
365% – 74.99%25%


  • Fee Scholarship for Qarshi University Students after 1st Semester 
Sr. No.CGPA SlabsScholarship Percentage
13.90 – 4.00100%
23.75 – 3.8975%
33.50 – 3.7450%
43.25 – 3.49 25%


Special Note:  Fee scholarship for 2ndsemester will be based on GPA and for further semesters it will be based on CGPA. 


  • Merit Scholarship for Master Programs on the basis of BA / BSc (2-years) degree
Sr. No.Percentage Marks in BA/BSc.Scholarship Percentage
185% or above75%
275% – 84.95%50%
365% – 74.99%25%


  • Merit Scholarship for MS / MPhil Studies on the basis of 4 years BS degree and 2 years Master degree (recognized DAI / Universities) 
Sr. No.Academic CGPAScholarship Percentage
13.75 – 4.0075%
23.50 – 3.7450%
33.25 – 3.49 25%


Full Bright Scholarship For Bachelor Programs

Qarshi University offers 100% tuition fee waiver in the form of merit scholarships on the basis of academic excellence.  These scholarships will be awarded to following:

1Top five position holders of FA/F. Sc from any board.

2– Top five position holders of Diploma Programs.

3– Students scoring three A grades in their A- level Examinations

Students granted this scholarship will receive 100% waiver of tuition fee in the first semester. This exemption shall be continued in the second and subsequent semesters provided that the student maintains a CGPA of 3.90 by taking minimum 4 subjects in a regular semester. If a student on merit scholarship is unable to maintain a CGPA of 3.90 the regular fee waiver award will be applicable.

Alumni Scholarship

Qarshi University graduates who wish to take admission in Master’s programs will be awarded a scholarship of 50% on their tuition fee for the first semester. Scholarship for the subsequent semesters will be based on their academic performance and university fee scholarship policy.

Kinship Awards

Condition (CGPA)Tuition Fee Waiver
1st Kinship25%
2nd Kinship30%
3rd Kinship and above50%

Note: Kinship scholarship will be applicable only in the first semester. Scholarship for the subsequent semesters will be based on student’s academic performance of the previous semesters’ CGPA..

Award of Gold Medal

Following are the pre-conditions for the award of a Gold Medal:

i- A student with outstanding performance and with the highest CGPA in a degree program, but not less than CGPA of 3.5.

ii- There should be no “F” grade in the academic record of the student.

iii- There should be no repeat course in the academic record of the student.

iv- There should be no disciplinary case or warning against him in record.

v- Must have at least 75% attendance.

If two students attain the same highest grade point average, then each of them will receive a Gold Medal.

Special Need Based Financial Assistance

Special Financial Assistance is available at the time of admission to the outstanding students who are not able to pay their fees in full.

For orphans a discount is allowed, this discount is based on case evaluation.

Discount for Hafiz-e-Quran having a Mustanad Sanad from a recognized Madrasa.

Discount for Disabled may be allowed keeping in view the nature of disability. This Financial Assistance is subject to availability of funds and approval of the competent authority.

Students desirous of special need-based financial assistance will submit applications on prescribed form to the Deputy Treasurer along with the following documents:

  1. Evidence of father’s/guardian’s income, for example, authenticated salary certificate/pay slip
  2. Evidence of property, if any, owned by self/father/guardian
  3. Evidence of agricultural property and income arising thereof
  4. Copies of utility bills for the last six months
  5. Copy of bank statement, in case of income from business
  6. Copy of rent agreement in case of rented house or in case of income from house-rent
  7. Copies of fee slips of brothers and sisters in case they are students, and
  8. Any other document that may be asked for, by the office of the Registrar

After scrutiny of applications at Financial Assistance Assessment Committee (FAAC), the Committee will recommend the grant of need-based assistance to V.C for approval. The Treasurer’s Office will inform applicants about the outcome of their applications through Emails/Phone Calls and display on the Notice Board.

Refund of Dues 

In case of cancellation of new admission, either on request of applicant or due to non-fulfilment of admission requirements fee refund policy shall be as follow:

  • Application processing fee will not be refunded in any case, except Qarshi University postpones/defers a certain program.
  • Admission fee will not be refunded in case of valid admission (running program), except Qarshi University postpones/defers a certain program.


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