Financial Aid & Scholarships


Qarshi University is offering. scholarships, fess discounts in variety of programs. 

  1. – Merit based Scholarships at the time of New Admission.
  2. – Scholarships based on Academic Performance in second and subsequent semesters.
  3. – Qarshi Cash Awards
  4. – Kinship Discounts
  5. – Discounts for Disabled Students
  6. – Financial Assistance for Faculty Development Program
  7. – Financial Assistance for Teaching /Technical Assistants
  8. – Qarshi Employee Discounts

 Merit Award and Financial Scholarship

Qarshi University embraces the hard work of students performing exceptionally well in academics. For this purpose, QU has devised a merit award and financial scholarship that could be interpreted as a “fee waiver”. This “fee waiver”, however, is on tuition fee and 50% of it will be waived upon the student earning a CGPA of 3.50 and above. The “merit award” is interpreted as the “Dean’s Honors List” and the student will receive a certificate stating the outstanding performance in academics. For the student to qualify for the award will have to take full workload as prescribed by the School. Students’ with an “I” (Incomplete) shall not be eligible for the Deans Honor’s List.

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