Qarshi University Open Day & Job Fair 2023: A Day of Opportunities

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Reflecting on Q-Talks: ‘Exploring Patriotism in Modern Times’ with Mr. Shahzad Nawaz

On May 21st, Qarshi University had the privilege of hosting a thought-provoking Q-Talks session titled 'Exploring Patriotism in Modern Times,' featuring the esteemed Mr. Shahzad Nawaz. This event, held at the QU Auditorium, provided profound insights into the true essence of patriotism and its significance in today's world. Mr. Shahzad Nawaz, a multifaceted Art Director, […]

Reflecting on Q-Talks: “Obesity: A Modern Lifestyle Nightmare” with Dr. Nusrum Iqbal

On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, Qarshi University had the honor of hosting an insightful Q-Talks session titled "Obesity: A Modern Lifestyle Nightmare," featuring the distinguished Dr. Nusrum Iqbal. Held at the Qarshi University Auditorium in Lahore, this event provided invaluable insights into the pressing issue of obesity and its impact on daily life. Dr. Nusrum […]

Reflecting on Q-Talks: ‘Versatility – A Talent or Skill’ with Dr. Iman Moghul

                    On Thursday, December 7, 2023, Qarshi University was honored to host an insightful Q-Talks session titled 'Versatility - A Talent or Skill,' featuring the esteemed Dr. Iman Moghul. This captivating event, held at the Qarshi University Auditorium in Lahore, provided students and faculty with profound […]

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