Dr. Anam Munawar

Dr. Anam Munawar
Assistant Professor, Biotechnology

Area of Interest: Biosensors and biomimetic sensors technology; system miniaturization and applications (bio)chemical molecular recognition layers for separation and sensing applications, artificial receptor materials via molecular imprinting technique, development of sensitive and selective coatings for mass-sensitive, microelectrode, and electrochemical devices; Substantiating developed materials and surfaces by using various characterizing techniques. Establishing mechanistic studies for their potential applications in real environment.
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Journal Papers:


Muhammad Ikram, Yasir Javed, Naveed Akhtar Shad, Muhammad Munir Sajid, Muhammad Irfan, Anam Munawar, Tousif Hussain, Muhammad Imran, Dilshad Hussain, “Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nickel Tungstate (NiWO4) Nanostructures with Pronounced Supercapacitor and Electrochemical Sensing Activities”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 8 May 2021.


Naveed Akhtar Shad, Muhammad Munir Sajid, Amir Muhammad Afzal, Nasir Amin, Yasir Javed, Safia Hassan, Zahid Imran, Aamir Razaq, Muhammad Imran Yousaf, Anam Munawar, Surender Kumar Sharma. Bi2WO6/rGO; Nanocomposite; Hydrothermal method; Photocatalysis; rhodamine B; Perovskite Solar Cell, Ceramics International, 22 (2021), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2021.02.185.


Anam Munawar, Y. Ong, R. Schirhagl, M.A. Tahir, W.S. Khan, S.Z. Bajwa, Nanosensors for diagnosis with optical, electric and mechanical transducers, RSC Advances, 9 (2019) 6793-6803.


Anam Munawar, R. Schirhagl, A. Rehman, A. Shaheen, A. Taj, K. Bano, N.J. Bassous, T.J. Webster, W.S. Khan, S.Z. Bajwa, Facile in-situ generation of bismuth tungstate nanosheet-multiwalled carbon nanotube composite as unconventional affinity material for quartz crystal microbalance detection of antibiotics, Journal of hazardous materials, (2019).


Muhammad Ali Tahir, Sadaf Hameed, Anam Munawar, Imran Amin, Shahid Mansoor, Waheed S.Khan, Sadia Zafar Bajwa. “Investigation the potential of multiwalled carbon nanotubesbased zinc nanocomposite as a recognition interface towards plant pathogen detection.” Journal of virology methods. 7 September 2017.


Farooq aziz, Madiha Saeed, Anam Munawar, Ayesha Shaheen, Khizra Bano, Waheed S.Khan, Sadia Zafar Bajwa.“Lecithin-coated gold nanoflowers (GNFs) for CT scan imaging applications and biochemical parameters; in vitro & in vivo studies.” Artificial Cell, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology. 31 December 2017.


Anam Munawar, Muhammad Ali Tahir, Ayesha Shaheen, Peter A. Lieberzeitc, Waheed S. Khan, Sadia Z. Bajwa. “Investigating Nanohybrid Material based on 3D CNTs@Cu Nanoparticle Composite and Imprinted Polymer for Highly Selective Detection of Chloramphenicol.” Journal of Hazardous Materials. 7 August 2017.


Sadaf Hameed, Anam Munawar, Waheed S. Khan, Adnan Mujahid, Ayesha Ihsan, Asma Rehman, Ishaq Ahmed, Sadia Z. Bajwa. “Assessing Manganese Nanostructures based Carbon nanotubes composite for the Highly Sensitive Determination of Vitamin C in Pharmaceutical Formulation.” Biosensors and bioelectronics. 4 October 2016.


Arifa Jabeen, Qurat-ul-ain Hanif, Misbah Hussain, Anam Munawar, Nisma Farooq and Shehar Bano: “Screening, isolation and identification of pectinase producing bacterial strains from rottingScience Letters, 3:2 (2015): 42-45.


Syed Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Ali Tahir, Sonia Kiran, Saira Ajmal and Anam Munawar: “Sensing and Degradation of Chlorpyrifos by using Environmental Friendly Nano Materials” Journal of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, (2016), 7:198, doi:10.4172/2155-6210.1000198.


Anam Munawar, Syed Waqas Hameed, Mohammad Sarwar, Muhammad Wasim, Abu Saeed Hashmi, and Muhamad Imran: “Identification of pesticide residues in different vegetables Collected from market of Lahore, Pakistan.” Journal of Agro Alimentary Processes and Technologies, 19 (2013): 392-398.  


Anam Munawar and Syed Waqas Hameed. “Quantification of pesticide residues in vegetables by different chromatographic techniques.” Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques, 4(8) (2013).


Book Chapters:


Algae Biotechnology: A Green Light for Engineered Algae. 2017/ Elsevier. ISBN # 9780128123607.  


Carbon Nanomaterials for Agri-Food and Environmental Applications: Carbon-based nanosensors: An efficient tool for use in the food industry and agricultural and environmental sectors. 2020, Elsevier (Micro and Nano Technologies). Pages 217-236.


Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Pakistan


M.Phil. (Forensic Sciences)
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan


B.Sc. (Hons.) (Applied Microbiology)  
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan



Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology, Qarshi University, Lahore, Pakistan

Nov 2020 to Date

Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan

2019 to 2020

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