Department of Management Science


The department of Management Sciences offers comprehensive degree programs for developing higher managerial skills and to provide lifelong learning opportunities among the learners. The focus of the department is to offer affordable and quality education in a wide range of management disciplines. The management department is striving to build linkages with the industrial sector to facilitate its graduates and the organizations.


“We share the mission of Department of Management Sciences to produce influential contributors within the global context to lead business and society ethically”.


“The Department of Management Sciences is committed to evolving as a place of transformational learning experiences, inscribing knowledge to produce managers of change based on values and to imprint positive impact on society for the greater good”.

Departmental Objectives:

  • To equip students with analytical tools required for business management in today’s highly competitive uncertain dynamic business environment.
  • To provide opportunities to students to explore the business world by enabling them to make optimal career decisions via strategic planning.
  • To enable the students to have practical knowledge and critical understanding to analyze the particular problems related to business and their solutions.
  • To provide students an interactive learning environment to build the conceptual understanding of the subject/ module through practical examples role play class discussions to promote learning culture.
  • To enable students to enhance their research qualities in order to make students to excel academically and to contribute to the nation-building process.
  • To develop skills and expertise among students to be a good team player with learning flexibility and adaptation to achieve strategic business goals and objectives.


Mr. Jawad Yousaf
HOD / Assistant Professor, Management Sciences

Dr. Umair Waqas
Assistant Professor, Management Sciences

Mr. Mohammad Adil Khushi
Lecturer, Department of Management Sciences

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