Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE)

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) offered by Department of Computer Science at Qarshi University (QU) caters to the needs of rapidly growing market of software development in the country. Our curriculum is designed to equip students with necessary technical knowledge of the fundamentals of computer systems, programming languages, and the mathematical foundations of algorithms and data structures. BSSE at QU seeks development of professional skills in areas of systematic application of analysis, design, and construction techniques for computer systems and applications that are required for a holistic approach towards software engineering. Our SE program blends the study of mathematics and computer science with engineering and the humanities to produce a balanced, holistic and practical education.





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Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE)

Qarshi University 8-Km Thokar Niaz baig, Canal Bank Road, Opposite lzmir Town, Lahore- Pakistan.

[email protected]

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Career Opportunities
Scheme of Study
Eligibility Criteria
Fee Structure

Software engineers are central to software design, implementation and testing team for top companies like HP, Google and Intel. From mobile apps, digital games and cloud computing to operating systems and World Wide Web, software engineers construct, enable, advance and maintain the digital landscape in which we work and play. Our  BSSE curriculum is designed to teach students such skills as coding, system design, quality assurance and testing, and train them to manage projects and think creatively to prepare for a career as a programmer or software developer for a host of diverse companies and industries such as health care, insurance, academia, security, consumer electronics and entertainment industry. Department of CS at QU will provide students with an ideal setting for active learning, whether working independently or with a group.

The educational objectives of the Qarshi University Software Engineering Program are to produce graduates who, within two to three years after graduation, are able to:

  • Demonstrate professional advancement and excellence while employed in industry, government, or through entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Demonstrate working effectively as a team member and/or leader in an evolving and dynamic professional environment.
  • Progress through continuing education while pursuing advanced degree or certificate programs in computing, science, engineering, business, and other professionally related fields.
  • Appear as role models of ethical behavior in their profession and community
  • Achieve leadership and mentoring roles by demonstrating professional and personal growth.

Career opportunities in software engineering are driven by the technologies in many application areas, including automobiles, aviation, data management, telecommunications, food production, factory control, robotics, pharmaceuticals, defense, security, game development, biomedical instrumentation, and sound design, just to name a few. Career opportunities in the software and IT industry including the following:   Software Architect,  Software Designer, Software systems analyst, Software engineer Software quality assurance specialist,  software project manager,  Software Developer,  Software Test Engineer (STE),  Programmer Analyst, Database  Administrator (DBA), IT Business Analyst, IT Program Manager, IT Information Technology Specialist .

Eligibility Criteria: Intermediate of equivalent

Semester 1


Introduction to Info. & Comm. Technologies 3(2+1)

Programming Fundamentals                                             4(3+1)

English Composition and Comprehension      3(3+0)

Calculus and Analytical Geometry                    3(3+0)

Pakistan Studies                                                   2(2+0)

Applied Physics                                                    3(3+0)


Semester Subtotal              18(16+2)



Semester 2

Object Oriented Programming                          4(3+1)

Communication and Presentation Skills          3(3+0)

Discrete Structures                                             3(3+0)

Software Engineering                                         3(3+0)

Islamic Studies                                                      2(2+0)

University Elective – I                                         3(3+0)


Semester Subtotal              18(17+1)



Semester 3

Data Structures & Algorithms                            4(3+1)

Software Requirement Engineering                 3(3+0)

Computer Networks                                            4(3+1)

Linear Algebra                                                      3(3+0)

University Elective – II                                        3(3+0)


Semester Subtotal              17(15+2)





Semester 4

Operating Systems                                                               3(3+0)

Database Systems                                                                4(3+1)

Software Design and Architecture                   3(2+1)

Probability & Statistics                                        3(3+0)

University Elective – III                                       3(3+0)


Semester Subtotal              16(14+2)


Semester 5

Human Computer Interaction                           3(3+0)

Software Construction & Development          3(2+1)

Technical & Business Writing                            3(3+0)

Design & Analysis of Algorithms                       3(3+0)

Operations Research                                          3(3+0)

Formal Methods in Software Engineering      3(3+0)


Semester Subtotal              18(17+1)


Semester 6

Information Security                                           3(3+0)

Software Quality Engineering                           3(3+0)

Professional Practices                                         3(3+0)

Web Engineering                                                 3(3+0)

SE Elective – I                                                        3(3+0)

Stochastic Processes                                           3(3+0)


Semester Subtotal              18(18+0)

Semester 7

Software Project Management                         3(3+0)

Software Re-Engineering                                   3(3+0)

SE Elective – II                                                      3(3+0)

SE Elective – III                                                     3(3+0)

Final Year Project – I                                           3(0+3)


Semester Subtotal              15(12+3)



Semester 8

SE Elective – IV                                                     3(3+0)

SE Elective – V                                                      3(3+0)

University Elective – IV                                       3(3+0)

Final Year Project – II                                          3(0+3)


Semester Subtotal              12(9+3)



Total Credit Hours = 18 + 18 + 17 + 16 + 18 + 18 + 15 + 12 = 132 (118+14)



Fee per Semester.


Admission Fee:


Rs. 15,000/-
(One time & non-refundable)




Rs. 5,000/-
(One time & refundable)




Rs. 2,000/semester


Semester Tuition Fee:


Rs. 71,500/semester




Rs. 1000

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