Blood Donors Society

The Blood Donor Society at QU has a team of highly motivated students, who maintain a complete data bank of donors that include volunteers from amongst the students, faculty and staff of the university.

Society helps in securing timely blood donations in emergencies as well as in routine requirements.

•  To create awareness of donating blood and conducting health awareness programs.

•  To motivate students to donate blood

•  To develop a database of our students for blood donation

•  To connect needy with volunteer blood donors

The main purpose of this society is to setup a system which is beneficial to people who are in need of blood due to medical emergencies. It has been noticed that usually it takes a lot of time to find a person with the required blood group, the normal process or practice is to call or text people in family or friends  for help who then call or text other people in order to find the desired blood group. The mission is to perform a critical role in healthcare by providing a safe, secure and cost effective supply of quality blood products. QU Blood Donation Society will be recognized for saving and improving lives in our community with safe and reliable blood donations.

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