Ammad Shafeeq



  • MPhil Forensics Science, University of Lahore, Lahore (2018)


  • Lecturer Biotechnology 2020 to date Qarshi University
  • Lecturer Biology O/A LEVELS 2019-2020 Crescent College Cambridge 

Boys section

  • Lecturer Biology Matric/ FSC 2016-2019 Rana Science Academy
  • Visiting Lecturer Biotechnology 2018 Superior University Lahore
  • Lecturer Biology 2016-2018 Punjab School Lahore


  • Oxford teachers Training
  • CETS TEACHERS Training
  • Stem Cells Technology training conducted by IMBB at UOL
  •  Crime Scene Workshop conducted by IMBB at UOL
  • International workshop on vaccinology  by IMBB at UOL
  • Criminalities training at Punjab Forensics Agency
  • Conference on  Biotechnology and prevailing pandemic arranged by Virtual University 


  • Training of using Interactive/smart board in teaching
  • New trends and technologies in Stem Cells research
  • Genetic and environmental factors in human molecular and complex traits
  • Presented my research on Cheiloscopy in Crime scene workshop at UOL

RESEARCH INTEREST:  Stem Cells and its use in the treatment of diabetes . His work is based on Cheiloscopy and its use in sex determination and surface comparison.  My special focus is on Recombinant DNA technology, Plant cell tissue culture techniques, DNA finger printing. Teaching Graduate courses of physical chemistry, fundamentals of  Biotechnology.

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