Character Building Society

The Character Building Societies aim at to provide an institutional mechanism that can spearhead the fight against corruption – an evil eroding the very fabric of the society. Corruption – the canvas that forms the backdrop to our daily lives, that colors our conversations, that erodes our belief in the future and strips us of our zeal and drive to create a better society. Scholars of repute have attributed collapse of civilization to corruption and lack of accountability. Consensus has developed globally that corruption is the main reason of failure of economy.

QU is, by virtue of its mandate and vision, one of the key institutions in the accountability framework in the country that is continuously striving to ensure its three pronged strategy against corruption. We have long recognized the importance and critical role of our youth, who are also our hope for the future. One of the main reasons for partnering with young people in a youth-oriented campaign like Character Building Societies is to encourage them to take ownership and responsibility for their role in society and to be mindful of their behavior. The CBSs also provides them with a platform and the tools to mobilize their own communities to take action in combating corruption. Young people have the power to change the system, end corruption and bring back society’s values.

The active role and cooperation of civil society, Intelligentsia and media is imperative for success in these sacred endeavors. QU will play its anti-corruption role most effectively and in harmony with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan. The support of all stakeholders and partners has been of great assistance to the Bureau and we look forward to continued support to assist us in achieving our goals. Let me end by saying that I am hopeful for this country, and have faith in the ordinary men, women and young people and this effort of QU is the stance.

We seek Allah’s blessing, mercy and guidance for a better future for Pakistan.

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